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Activity List
Learning Thru Constructive Play
tutoring for eLA & Math activities are by appointment 
email with desired date and time for scheduling

The activity list is for informational purposes only.
Activities may be offered on different days and times.
The activity list is subject to change.

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Girl with Autumn Leaf
Crafts and Coloring

Ages 5 - 11


Create, create, create 

Nature art, material crafts,  craft kits, model kits, organic crafts, coloring and more.

A fun snack is included.


Happy Kids with Books


45 Minutes 

Ages 0 - 11


Every child enjoys a fun story or two 

followed by a fun snack

Railroad Set
Toddler Time
Ages  2 - 4

Just for the little ones

MUST be potty trained

MUST be ok with separation

Learning thru play


Exploration and Imagination

A variety of activities

Movie Night.jpg
Movie Time


1.5 Hours 

Ages 4 - 11


Classic movies for kids

Appropriately Rated

and a snack

Legos and Kinex.jpg



Rubiks Cube.jpg

  • mind-bending

  • Puzzles, Games with Goodies


Studio Creations

Girl Painter

painting party

Kiwi 2.jpg

Ages 6 - 11


Have fun with different

creative science activities  

It's a surprise every time !

Cute Girl in Classroom


Ages 10 - 12

  • MS Word for Kids

  • PowerPoint for Kids


A wireless capable laptop is required


On Hold

A Girl in a Classroom


Ages 6 - 10

English Language Arts

*Click here to check the

Writing stages

Smart Dog

word/reading development matrix

Either of these 3 classes can be repeated as needed

  1. Letters and sounds

  2. phonic decoding 

  3. orthographic mapping

Legos 4.jpg

Continuum of Mathematics

Either of these 3 classes can be repeated as needed

(Check Matrix)

  • Emerging - points   1-4

  • Emerging - points   5-7


Piano keyboards


musical fractions

On Hold

Diversity Kids Diverse Ages_edited.jpg

Ages 6 - 11


Healthy kids means happy lives.

Scheduled by topic. A brief curriculum description will be included

for each scheduled topic. 

Groupings will be age appropriate.


  • Mindfulness

  • Internet Safety Safety

  • Basic Drug Education

  • Healthy Eating

  • Personal Hygiene for Kids

  • Social/Emotional Learning

  • Social Awareness

  • KIds Get Organized 




Brain blast

  • Ages  5-11 

  • multiple activities

    • board Games

    • legos / tinker toys

    • arts / crafts

    • More

  • Socialization

  • Snacks

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